Boa-Dry Compression Knee Sleeves (pair)

The ultimate base-layer solution for knee-braces - breathable, anti-friction design, effectively providing compression and stabilization.

Optimized combination of dryness and perfect TRUEcompression fit - virtually eliminates friction and rubbing irritation from knee-brace strap systems.

Engineered compression construction for light weight knee joint stabilization.

Graduated compression and stabilization to support key muscles - keeps you riding longer and stronger, with reduced muscle fatigue and soreness.

Fire-Break knitted design surrounding the knee joint - extra protection against sleeve material bunching behind the knee.

Wide Powerband gripper-top with custom silicone for zero slip. Optional fold-over design.

Effective muscle-recovery solution - helps to reduce joint and muscle swelling.

Improves the fit and placement of your knee-braces or kneeguards while skiing or riding.


***NOTE:  Ships as a PAIR of Boa-Dry Compression Sleeves - - DOES NOT INCLUDE HINGED KNEE-BRACE in photo.

***Click sidebar image for sizing chart



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